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Stillmeadow Shoutouts


Stillmeadow Students are Caring, Responsible and Respectful

September 2022 Citizenship Awards


Stillmeadow Students are Caring, Responsible and Respectful

Every month Stillmeadow utilizes a Bill of Responsibilities that defines expectations for student conduct, including treating others with respect, fairness and courtesy. During the month of February Stillmeadow students in grade 4 practiced and displayed respect and responsibility by helping the cafeteria staff maintain a safe and clean environment for all. 

A big shout out to our fourth grade volunteers: Emma Costello, Taseen Mobarak , Lorin Ekinci, and Yarissa Gonzales for practicing the Stillmeadow Responsibility: I have the responsibility to think about others before I think about myself. This means I will be considerate of others and it is not all about me.





Stillmeadow Thanks Our Book Fair Parent Volunteers

Stillmeadow Elementary School hosted a Scholastic Book Fair from Thursday, March 17 through Friday, March 25. This was the first in-person Book Fair at Stillmeadow since October 2019, which meant it was the very first elementary school Book Fair for Stillmeadow’s 200+ K-1 students. Every K-5 class visited the Book Fair twice, giving students ample time to browse, make wish lists, and purchase their books. The Book Fair generated more than $17,000 in sales. Thanks to the generosity of Stillmeadow Families, 25 classroom teachers shared a combined $1,250 in donations that they used to purchase new books for their classrooms. During the final two days of the fair, 51 teachers and specialists shopped the Book Fair courtesy of the Stillmeadow PFO, purchasing nearly $4,000 in new books for their classrooms.


Thank you to Book Fair Co-Chairs Kathleen Steinberg and Jen Gould and Stillmeadow’s Media and Technology Support Specialist, Jodi Nathanson, for organizing this event. Thanks also to the parent volunteers who helped children choose “just right books” for their home libraries and processed nearly 1,300 sales transactions.


Parent Volunteers: Katie Amanatides, Erica Andreana, Michelle Baskay, Glenis Beco, Teodora Boccuzzi, Amanda Cassidy, Paula Catter, Maria Chavarria, Julia Chen, Mary Coakley-Fields, Efrat Cohen, Kayla Coker, Ann Costello, Rian Drenzek, Angela Frazis,

Christian Gould, Colleen Hiranandani, Auria Jorge, Carolyn Kagan, Danielle Kaplowitz, Dena Kedra, Suzanne Kozlowski, Laura Krzewski, Hai Kwik, Joanne Mangione, Carolina Maya, Lindsay McCarthy, Maura Miranda, Katherine Molina-Powell,

Octavia Natteal, Denise Orsaia, Deborah Pinto, Vanesa Roncolato, Tracy Schock, Kerry Shannon, Elizabeth Staple, Katherine Turelli, Antonia Valassis, Paola Valle, Kelly Wasserman, Abi Williams.



Stillmeadow Fluent Mathematicians

Kudos to Mrs. Cammarota's fourth grade students who celebrated their math accomplishments this week.   Anyone who was at 100% fluency in multiplication facts participated in a math celebration. The kids have been using Reflex and have been given goals to reach throughout the year. These Stillmeadow scholars  celebrated by playing math games and enjoying a well deserved  hot cocoa.